First elected in 1996, Meghan Lahti is the pre-eminent environmentalist on Port Moody City Council.

With a common-sense approach, Meghan has been an important member of council throughout the years. Her record on council shows that she has always made decisions in the best interest of the community at-large, and her dedicated efforts to ensure that all decisions are made to promote a sustainable and livable community, are something of which Meghan is very proud.

Councillor Meghan Lahti has been a key driver on numerous environmental initiatives since first being elected in 1996, spearheading, among other things:

  • The City's adaptation of the Naturescape Program;
  • Pesticide Bylaws;
  • Environmentally Sensitive Area Strategy;
  • Beaver Management Strategy;
  • Bear Management Strategy;
  • The City's Rain Barrel and Composting Bin program;
  • The Streamside Protection bylaws;
  • The Tree Replacement bylaws;
  • Nesting Season policies; 
  • Best Building Practice policies.  

Most recently, Councillor Lahti is proud to be the recipient of the prestigious 2019 Clements Award in the category of 'Outstanding Politician'.  This national award is given to politicians across Canada who exemplify a dedication to protection of fur-bearing animals and the environment.

Meghan led the charge in the early 2000's to stop the spraying of pesticides not only along the CP rail ROW through Port Moody, but along the Fraser River, the world's largest salmon bearing river. She took the initiative to the Federal government through FCM (Federation of Canadian Municipalities). The City's ban on pesticides followed, with Port Moody becoming one of the first municipalities in Canada to ban the use of pesticides for use on public and private lands. 

Meghan has served as Chair of the Environmental Protection Committee many times over the years, most recently from 2015-2018. During this time, the committee has made recommendations regarding amendments to the Pesticide Bylaw and Bear Management strategies among other things.

In 2017 Meghan brought forward a request to Council to form the Climate Action Committee, the first of it's kind in BC. Chaired by Meghan, this Standing Committee of Council, is tasked with providing recommendations to the city regarding policies, prospective bylaws, future developments, and initiatives related to the mitigation and management of the affects of climate change. In addition to reviewing and making recommendations on the corporate GHG emissions, the committee is looking at bringing forward an educational initiative, such as solarizing a new community building, as well as climate change adaptation policies.

Currently, with Meghan's leadership, the Climate Action Committee is progressing with the  Climate Action Plan, as directed by Council. The committee has received endorsement of a framework and budget for this plan, which will commence in the Fall.

In addition to being involved in many environmental initiatives, Meghan has chaired every committee in the City, most notably the Finance Committee. She has been the Chair of Finance for more than 12 of her nearly 20 years on council, working with council and staff to ensure the fiscal accountability and financial management of the city is maintained appropriately. 



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Councillor Meghan Lahti, Port Moody